Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Guess what!  1,100 miles and thirty less degrees later, Braeden and I are home!  Back to the Yoop.  The Keweenaw.  Da Harbor.  Our little house on the rock.  Ahhhh.

On the drive home, I expected to see more snow.  Now, I try not to have expectations in general, but we drove during the first week of April, so some snow was not out of the question.  I didn't see much.  The areas with the most substantial amounts of snow at that time were Twin Lakes, Calumet and Lake Medora.  I think Lake Medora still has the biggest piles.  They seem to have the longest winters.  And that lake is still frozen!

Then, while coasting down the hill from the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, I saw her.  She was dazzling in her blue gown.  Lake Superior in all her glory for the first time in three months.  I got all choked up, of course.  I mean, don't you?

Once I got to the blinking light, I shot down to the nearest beach, put the van into park, and jumped out to the shore.  I swished my hands in the icy water and smacked it onto my face.  Oh, it felt so good.  Right down to my soul.  There really is no substitute for Her Majesty, Lake Superior.  I was giddy, grateful and relieved all at once.

I got back the day before my birthday, and I only had one birthday wish (besides being back home).  That was to go for a bike ride.  Luckily, Annele was still with us, so she could watch my little man.

I had conquered some hills there in the Ozarks, and I wanted to see how it translated to the Keweenaw.  Well, the actual bike trails were too snowy and wet to ride, so I opted for the snowmobile trails.  Not any better, but at least I wouldn't get in trouble if I rode those!

Arkansas must have built up some strength in me because that hill up Manganese Road was like cake.  I wasn't even breathing hard!  I just gunned it through the hard-packed snow areas, and enjoyed the ease of the pavement.  I'd say proportions were half and half.  Probably less snow by now.  I hope to take Brady P up for a ride there today, so we will see.

Then up Trail 134 was a bit more difficult because of the mud, but I went as far as I could before I would have to push my bike.  That is not fun, so I just found somewhere else to go.

It was slow and wet, yet it was amazing.

That's how I know that I have a new love for mountain biking.  In fact, I am taking an instructor certification program through the International Mountain Bicycling Association this June, so I can teach other people how to mountain bike effectively and lead group rides.  Woohoo!  I am stoked.

Other than that, my return was anti-climactic, yet peaceful.  I'm sure you always feel a sense of peace when you get here, but it was different this time.  It was like my whole life is peaceful -- not just the fact that I'm here.  But that fact totally helps because I don't have to drive through traffic-laden towns.  Or go past tall buildings.  And it is still quiet.  Spring is  so lovely here.

I am still working on my memoir.  I have finished the first draft, actually!  There's still a lot to add and edit, but it is coming along!  It can only go as fast as a couple nap times a week. 

Well, I am looking forward to the best summer ever, but I'll let spring roll along first.  I hope you are well.  Maybe I'll see you up this way!  Take care.

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  1. Very nice post Amanda. I'm so glad that you and Brady are back where you belong in da Keweenaw! Enjoy the upcoming spring to the max. We look forward to visiting our camp in late May (once all the snow banks are gone!). Take care