Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Between a Rock and a Contest

Remember how I like to perch on intriguing boulders?  Well I found a new favorite one.  But I'm not going to tell you where it is; you have to guess.  I took a picture of it from an angle that you may only recognize if you've been there.

Where is this rock?

Do you know?  If so, leave a comment of where you think it is, and you could win a free signed copy of Touring the Tip!  The first person to enter the correct location of this rock wins.  Please bear in mind that you need to leave your name somewhere, and I must moderate all comments.  If you don't see your comment right away it's because I didn't get to publish it yet.  Okay, go!

Want to know something else really cool?  I got to go mountain biking -- true singletrack-ripping mountain biking for the first time in almost two years.  TWO YEARS!!!  That's a long time for a mountain biker.  But I am still learning how to give my son to someone else and say, "See you later.  I hope I come back in one piece!"

The weather has been lovely lately, though.  I think rain tomorrow, but we've had sunshine and sometimes no jacket weather!  We've had some clear night skies too.  I spent a couple evenings out watching shooting stars and constellations.  Man, it's great to be back.

Last I checked, the bell buoy was still out by the lighthouse.  But we know how quickly that gets swept out from under my nose.

Lucky for you (and me, of course), I am not moving away this winter.  You know, Arkansas just does not sound that appealing to me for four months.  Yeah I'll have to haul in wood and shovel and take care of a one year old and all that, but I can do it here!  I've had some unexpected adventures in the past, so I wonder what this winter will bring.  

I just love how outdoor activities depend on the weather.  Skating?  Parachuting?  Avalanche?  Okay, just kidding about the avalanche (I hope).  But life is full of surprises.

Otherwise, it's just nice and quiet here.  Oh, how I love it.  Well, I've seen some hunters up scouting lately, but other than that, just us.  What a gift.

Well, you're probably getting antsy to comment on where that rock it, so I'll let you get to it.  Good luck!  Maybe I'll see you out there sometime.


  1. Just had one guess for Horseshoe Harbor. Good guess, but incorrect. Who knows it?

  2. That looks a lot like the rock up the beach which is directly across from Fort Wilkins main entrance. My kids and I played on it on a toasty evening this past July. What a nice day the was... we had dinner at the Harbor house, and envious of the chef and friends jumping off the pier we decided to take our own dip at that beach to cool off.

  3. Well, I'd love to hear more wonderful guesses, but we have a WINNER! Keith Kreag, you know that rock, and I love the story behind it. Send me an email at amandak114 at to redeem your prize. Thanks to all who tried!