Thursday, January 15, 2015

Adventures Resume

Let me start this one out by saying that I have a wonderful husband.  He makes sure that he is home at some point in the day to watch the Wee Man, so I can go out and enjoy some beauty and fresh air.  "More than just a walk," he says. "Do something fun."

Well, you don't have to twist my arm!

One day, when I only had time for "just a walk," I saw that the harbor was frozen over.  Then I saw ice volcanoes in the gap.  That little spark that is Amanda lit up inside me and I nearly ran across the ice.  I have to go to the gap, I murmured hypnotically.  I carefully crawled onto the ice to check it out.  Shore slush and slight seiching sounds assured me that was not the day.

Here is what it looked like.

The icy harbor 4 days ago

I'll give it a couple days, I told myself.  Ooh, I couldn't wait.  Ice volcanoes are high on my exploration list.

But a couple days later proved that I was smart in not crossing right away.  The south wind took the ice out a day later, and westerly gusts stirred up some waves the next.

The wavy harbor today!

So I'll just wait.  That trek from the Marina doesn't seem as exciting, but at least it's an option...

A couple days ago Duce and I crossed Fanny Hooe.  Oh, the sun was shining and lighting up my spirit.  Here's what it looked like on that lake.

On Fanny Hooe looking East

I wasn't really sure where I wanted to go once I crossed the lake.  However, "up the ridge" was definitely on my mind.  I turned into Paul's Plunge and started climbing.  I saw some "snowcicles" along the way.  I don't know if I've ever seen those before!

Snowcicles on a rock

As I hiked, I just let my curiosity do the talking.  Then I saw it: this open ridge slope.  My first thought was, I want to go up there!  But my second, and more logical thought was, I want to go down that!!!

So I followed the trail up while keeping my senses on that ridge.  It was so quiet in there.  When I stopped walking, the only sound was my pulse thumping through my body.  So peaceful.  Ahhh.

At the top, I just trusted my instincts to get me to that open ridge.  When I found the peak of it, we had a pretty nice view of sunlit Superior through the trees.

Lake Superior in the distance

Then I did what any full-grown kid would do: I skied down that slope on my snowshoes, woo-hooing the whole way.  Yes, I will do that again.  Let me know if you want to go with me.

At the bottom, Duce and I found the lake, and started across.  We did hit one slushy spot right about where it was on the way there.  Well, if we fall in, there are some ice fishermen over there.  Hopefully they will save us!  Luckily, their services were not needed.

So these were just a couple of my journeys.  But let me tell you, when I strap on those snowshoes, I feel like I can go anywhere -- especially if I had a cup of coffee. :)

Keep the good thought going.  I'll find you again, down the snow-covered road!


  1. Thanks for the update and pics!

  2. Who would have thought the harbor would blow free of that ice in a good south wind. You know it more intimately than I do, good thing! Glad to hear you are getting out for an adventure on a regular basis. Wish I could come along once in a while...

  3. I really enjoy "seeing" God's Country through your eyes. Wish I was there . . Glad you stayed off the Harbor ice that day !! Solid ice coming a little late this year ?

  4. Keep the stories coming. I feel like I'm right behind you even though I'm sitting at the computer. The snowcicles...Woo. Love your good eyes.