Thursday, November 13, 2014

What's that number again?

29.5 inches.

That’s the official snow report from Keweenaw County for the last few days.  I couldn’t really guess how much it was when it was blowing around here because some areas drifted three feet and some were blown clean to the grass. 

29.5 inches is a lot.

29.5 inches on its way

So happy winter!  People are frantically trying to dig out of their houses.  They are slightly worried because they didn’t get their winter tires put on yet (we still need to order ours!).  I don’t think many people were ready for this.  Luckily, fingers crossed, we have all our firewood for the winter. 

If we don’t, we are going somewhere tropical.  Last night Aaron came in the door from the blizzard and said, “That’s it!  We’re buying our tickets to Hawaii right now!”

Luckily he got his plow put together yesterday, so he can push that mass of snow around in the driveway.  Last year winter started on Thanksgiving Day when we got that 12 inches.  We’ll see how all of us yoopers fair this year!

Luckily little Braeden doesn’t even realize what’s going on out there.  Babies can’t see that far out the window, let alone understand the change of seasons.  Well, maybe he does.  He did choose to live in Copper Harbor with us....

Today I got out for a snowshoe.  Oh, man was that amazing!  I even made a snow angel and watched the snow fall as I laid there enjoying the peace and wondering how I was going to get back up. 

Here are some wintery shots of the scenery.  Ehem.  The winter scenery since it really is winter now.

A nearly frozen bog

Bareberries with a new layer

Looking southwest across Lake Fanny Hooe

A handsome beast in the wonderland

Speaking of beasts, I saw lots of deer tracks on my shoe and also a couple otter slides!  The otters must have transferred from Lake Superior to Fanny Hooe.  Smart little buggers.

I guess I don't have any events to report at the moment.  They could possibly be going on, but I am out of the loop!

I guess it's time to dig out all my winter wear from the basement.  Take care!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Stay warm and be well.