Sunday, January 19, 2014

Anatomy of an Ice Cave

Oh, there you are!

I mentioned that I was going on a ski trip.  Yup.  Five resorts in three days.  I scheduled myself for quite a busy adventure.  During my research, I got to have a little fun.  My friends Barb and Tom Buchkoe took me to the Eben Ice Cave.  Since I saw a picture of it, I wanted to go.

Here are the pictures.  If you want to go, here are the directions!

A pan looking in

A pan looking out

Looking up from the bottom

Inside looking lengthwise

Me in front

Barb and the pup

Tom doing what he does

It was cool.  I'd recommend it.

Yesterday we got a shot of sunshine.  Three hours to be more precise.  I made sure to get out between projects to enjoy some rays.  

The ice fishermen were out too.  In droves.  Notice the ones all the way by Porter's Island.  And they were catching fish!

Shanty town

Did you notice that this is the same spot I was ice skating on the week before???  How quickly it changes.  

The funny thing about that is while I was walking around town, a lady asked me, "Do you know where there's a good place to ice skate around here?  I heard there was a smooth spot somewhere."

And like it was the middle of August, I replied, "The harbor was awesome before it snowed and all the ice fishermen drilled holes in it."  Bahahaha.

I really need to get away from the computer for a while.  I wanted to show you these pictures, but my brain is like a melting snowball from writing articles.  I suppose that's a good problem for a writer to have!

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