Sunday, December 8, 2013

Let It Snow!

Whew, it's been a fun-filled week in da Harbor!

I got to go for my first ski just a couple days ago.  See?

Duce and me on a ski to Horseshoe!

Now I'm not going to get into the details, but I didn't make it all the way to Horseshoe Harbor.  I wanted to, but I actually made it farther than I thought I would for my first ski of the winter!

And here is the view at the top of the hill at the intersection where you turn to go down to Horseshoe.

Looking west toward Brockway Mountain!

I tell you, it was a magnificent day.  I couldn't believe the sun was out about half the time I was.  That's a spirit booster, all right!

We have a lot of snow right now.  A day or two before my ski (sorry, I don't keep track of the days that well), I hiked up Paul's Plunge without snowshoes.  I think that if I would do any hike in the woods today, I would need snowshoes.  And you would too.  Unless you have skis.

However, there is that layer of crust under about five inches of snow in the woods.  Sometimes you stay on top, sometimes you punch right through!  But under that crust, you'll find about ten inches.  Depends where you are.  I think it's fabulous!

Last Sunday (I actually remember that day's name) I had to help Aaron move the Copper Harbor Trails Club's mini-excavators to storage for the winter.  I got to drive one for my first time.  Now I remember laughing at Aaron driving down the road in those things because a toddler learning to walk could travel faster than he was driving.  Well, I was about to go that slow for three blocks, so I got some footage for you.

Kinda fun, hey?  

You know who has been here already?  Snowmobilers!  Not lots, but enough to make me realize that the peaceful time of year is over already.  It seemed pretty short this year.  But that's the rotation of the seasons!

Speaking of seasons, Copper Harbor is hosting its annual Winter Wonderfest this Saturday, December 14th.  I think it starts around 11am or noon in the Community Building.  People will be selling their art. Also, Santa visits at 4pm, and the lights get plugged in for the first grand showing at dark. 

Well, then after that at the Mariner North, there is a fundraiser for the Friends of Brockway Mountain.  $25 at the door for all you can eat pizza plus music by Steve Brimm, Erika Vye and Gail English!  I know where I'll be Saturday.

Ooh, and Lake Medora, Fanny Hooe and Manganese are all frozen over.  Can't wait to get out on 'em soon!  But not too soon!

I think that encompasses all the fun I can share in public without you thinking I am a total weirdo.  I mean, I have to keep some things as a surprise, you know?  Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful week! 


  1. Thank you, Amanda. I truly enjoy your posts.

  2. Thanks for reading! People like you are the reason I keep this up.

  3. Thanks again Amanda for keeping us up-to-date. Per the video - that fire hydrant looked worried for a moment . . :)

  4. Thanks for the stories, they are great...............Cathy

  5. Thanks for the great stories.....

  6. And thank YOU for your appreciation!