Monday, February 25, 2013

Powder and Sunshine

Mount Bohemia has been awesome.  Judging by all the cars in the parking lot this week and all the "woo hoos" I heard while riding up the chair lift, I would say I'm not the only person who thought that.

The snow was crazy this week.  Most schools and Keweenaw businesses were not open on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I guess that was nice for the hundreds of people who were at the hill on Wednesday.  It was just as busy as Saturday!  

I think the official snow total to the moment is 195 inches.  We are catching up quickly!

But now things are warming up.  My roof has been dripping two days in a row.  Also, the sun lit up the sky for the first part of the day.  Yessss!

So I went for a stroll to the Harbor Haus dock.  This is really the only picture that turned out.  I think it's fitting.

The "purest air" sign

And honestly, my legs are still pretty tired from skiing.  I'm a snowboarder, and skiing, to me, take more muscles.  At least different ones than I'm used to.  My point is that I wussed out and didn't really go out for an adventure today.  Instead I stayed home and worked on my next book -- something I should be doing more of!

But before I went inside, I found a lovely spot to lay in my driveway and soak up some rays... through, um, my jacket and snow pants.  Here is what I saw.

Watching the clouds go by...

I think this video shows how to enjoy the simple things in life, but the yin and the yang of it.  The clouds slowly passing are the yin and the goofball dog thrashing a trash can is the yang.  So different, yet each soothing to my soul.  There's some chicken soup for your day!

This weekend is the CopperDog 15o.  That's always one howl of a good time!

My GoPro helmet mount is on its way to my house.  Then I can take hands free video for you (Thank you Daddio!)!  ARE YOU AS PUMPED AS I AM???  Soon I will be purposely looking for trouble to get into.  I think a butt slide down Brockway's nose is in the mix.  Let me know if you have any other requests!

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  1. You've gotta use the helmetCam to show us some of your favorite runs down Mount Bohemia! I've done a bit of skiing in the past but never did get all that comfortable with the black diamonds, and I've never been on Bohemia. Glad to hear you're getting some sunshine in the Keweenaw winter... it's got to feel good!